TP 52

The changes to the TP52 class initiated in July 2009 and being phased in during the following two seasons are designed to blur the differences between IRC racers and the premier box rule course racers. There will be a reshuffling of the fleet as the design optimums change. With recent novel work in merging the benefits of our VPP, sail aero-elastic analyses, and higher Froude number CFD, ST is poised to remode boats and develop the next generation of winners.

Structural scantling rules will change to the ISO 12215 as opposed to the now outdated ABS 1994 Guide. The ISO standards will be authorized by Germanischer Lloyd, a company with whom ST has a long relationship. Structurally the boats have been quite refined already, but this will be more important than ever, to achieve maximum stiffness, bulb mass and minimum displacement.

ST TP52, left the 2009 scenario, right the 2011 design

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