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Kuka Light

Kuka Light is a high-end race design that was begun in December of 2009. We were approached by the owner, Franco Niggler, through Angelo Glisoni to begin concept design studies for the lightest possible monohull around 12 m that could compete in Rolex Middle Sea Race, Rolex Fastnet, and other ca. 600 nm offshore courses.

The project began with a simple set of parameters:

  • No regard for rating whatsoever.
  • As light as possible, period.

The initial discussions centered on weight and what “no rules” really means. The IMOCA 60’s were often used as a reference. It was decided that achieving Design Category A for the purposes of CE/ISO certification and ISAF OSR Category 1 was appropriate, the same as a TP52, for example.  A transatlantic race will likely still be attainable for this boat.

Options to achieve the lowest possible weight initially touched on the simplicity of the design:

  • Canting vs. fixed deep draft keel
  • Fixed mast vs. rotating wing mast

The power to weight of the canting keel proved unbeatable with technology today, for the regattas in question. The efficiency of the rotating wing mast, enhanced by a boat that would sail more like a catamaran than like a fixed keel mono, was too attractive to be ignored.  Likewise the sail plan is made up only of sails that operate on low apparent wind angles, even the “downwind” sails.  The daggers, lifting rudders, and flush hidden propeller system all complete the picture of a racing yacht with an IMOCA and VOR pedigree.

To get the lowest possible weight of the primary hull and deck laminates and unprecedented approach was taken. We decided to build the port and starboard sides, the central hull, and the deckhouse and cockpit each in the largest diameter autoclave available to us. This is exactly the kind of construction techniques ruled out in the America’s Cup, the VOR, and even IMOCA yachts, except for the masts and appendages.  To capitalize still further on the lightest techniques possible, core material from aramid honeycomb was chosen along with interesting choices in the exact grade of carbon fibre pre-preg, with properties that allow reductions in weight.  These choices put a high premium on quality construction.

Kuka Light has just completed the Palermo Monte Carlo race, a distance of 460 nm, finishing in third place real time, in exceedingly light conditions.  Later this season she will also race in the Middle Sea Race.

More pictures here.

View a video of sea trials in May of 2012 here

See the dedicated Kuka Light webpage here

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World Yacht Racing Forum

ST was represented by Founder Doug Schickler at the WYRF in Estoril this year. He attended mostly the parallel Yacht Racing Design & Technology Symposium, where noted speakers from top design firms, sail and rig makers, and boat builders discussed the state of the industry from various angles.

The upcoming 34th America’s Cup and the changing TP52 circuit were of key interest. The newly minted HPR (High Performance Rule) targeted at the top of the racing rule pyramid was introduced. ST has taken no breaks on this front, getting immediately involved in the details of this yet-to-be-finalized rule, and offering our opinion on what makes sense. We look forward to seeing the first HPR40′s coming out of China in the first months of 2012.

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Yacht Forum Hamburg

Dusseldorf was great success. Two of two projects from ST were featured in a video on the german site Both the Linq CQ6 and Whites Dragons proudly displayed Schickler Tagliapietra on their main sails. link

Now, a late addition has been added to the discussion panels for the 2nd annual International Yacht Forum in Hamburg. Doug will be attending and joining his collegues on stage to discuss appendages and their importance to overall yacht performance and control. link Happy to meet you in the Hansestadt!

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TP 52

The changes to the TP52 class initiated in July 2009 and being phased in during the following two seasons are designed to blur the differences between IRC racers and the premier box rule course racers. There will be a reshuffling of the fleet as the design optimums change. With recent novel work in merging the benefits of our VPP, sail aero-elastic analyses, and higher Froude number CFD, ST is poised to remode boats and develop the next generation of winners.

Structural scantling rules will change to the ISO 12215 as opposed to the now outdated ABS 1994 Guide. The ISO standards will be authorized by Germanischer Lloyd, a company with whom ST has a long relationship. Structurally the boats have been quite refined already, but this will be more important than ever, to achieve maximum stiffness, bulb mass and minimum displacement.

ST TP52, left the 2009 scenario, right the 2011 design

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IRC 43′

Schickler Tagliapietra is proud to present a unique vision for an all-out IRC race boat. Customized for a specific owner’s harbor draft requirements, the result is an analogy to the STP65 class. This all-carbon racing machine has a lifting keel, complete race deck and ‘interior’ layout. The structural system is much more offshore capable than a GP42, but the boat is not as heavy and upwind oriented as many of the competition.

In combination with our ongoing research program linking aero-elastic rig/sail simulation directly to the VPP, we will be maximizing the performance in the coming weeks. The preliminary polars for the boat are here. Check back for the IRC certificate as well.

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STP 65

Schickler Tagliapietra has begun preliminary research and design work for a new STP 65 for offshore racing.

The 20m class is poised to become the next big thing along the lines of the phenominal TP52 fleet. These boats are cleverly positioned between the TP52′s, which have developed into course boats, and the all-out VO70′s, which have many times the cost of use.

Contact us here to gain access to renderings, drawings and specifications.
Link to the Class Organization .

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