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Gunboat G4 sea trials

The all new Gunboat G4, designed by DNA has launched in St. Martin.  As usual the work list was extensive to get out on the water.  A few days after the sailing began, the final adjustments were made to the daggerboards and she set out to break new ground.  In 18-20 trade winds, the boat was up on foils and generating lots of smiles for the lucky crew.  Schickler Tagliapietra served in a support role in the development of the boat, as a new member of the DNA design team.   FEA structural simulation of boat and foils, stability calculations, VPP performance prediction and more.  Follow Gunboat or Holland Composites on Facebook for more details.


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40m Superyacht for Ghost Yachts

On the Superyacht Times, the new Ghostyachts G130SS has been revealed for the first time. ST is very proud of the outcome of the design, where we have provided naval architecture, design, and engineering services. The Ghostyachts team is putting the finishing touches on the presentation and we look forward to the next step in development and construction.

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Superyacht Background

Schickler Tagliapietra’s expertise in design and engineering extends beyond racers and maxis to superyachts beyond 24m LOA. A sample of the large cruisng yachts on which the ST founders have had involvment in includes: Shaman 27m, Young Cat 27m, Cinderella III 32m, Alithia 40m, Hetairos 43m, Mystere 43m, Esense 43m, Giml

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ST has been commissioned for the naval architecture of the new Inoxsail daysailer. This commission was completed in the Fall of 2011 and the boat will soon be under construction. It is a boat of just 5m LOA, but has been crafted with the same attention to detail as other larger projects. As part of the shape refinement process, rapid prototyping was used to get our hands on the design in physical format.

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Big Moves

The spring was occupied with moving the office to the NDSM Werf and Rhebergen Multihulls. We also are growing the office with the addition (albeit too brief) of Justin Shell, Boy Korporaal, and Daan van den Wildenberg. At the same time we worked our way through many consulting projects.

ST is now looking forward to an exciting late summer, when the world can learn more about the innovative projects we have been keeping under wraps for some time. In the first half of 2011, we have rekeeled and rigged a racing 61 footer; when it all comes out you will see why it has taken great concentration. We also have an all new hyper-light racing 42 in final assembly. Both of these projects incorporate exciting new technology.

After a period of intense collaborative work on a cruising 74 foot sloop and 73 foot motor yacht, we can also return to a pair of fun smaller projects. And the consulting projects remain as a constant source of new challenges, and new solutions!

Stay tuned for more, but also, as mentioned before, you can keep track of ST at the Facebook page and on Twitter.

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ST is looking for a highly motivated naval architect with 1-2 years power/sailing yacht design experience. Balanced design/engineering background preferred. Masters degree, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, plus parametric 3D modelling (e.g. ProE wildfire). Must be a self starter. Exposure to ISO 12215-5 and HullScant software required. Fluent English required, Italian skill a bonus. 6 mo. contract at start.

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Yacht Forum Hamburg

Dusseldorf was great success. Two of two projects from ST were featured in a video on the german site Both the Linq CQ6 and Whites Dragons proudly displayed Schickler Tagliapietra on their main sails. link

Now, a late addition has been added to the discussion panels for the 2nd annual International Yacht Forum in Hamburg. Doug will be attending and joining his collegues on stage to discuss appendages and their importance to overall yacht performance and control. link Happy to meet you in the Hansestadt!

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Düsseldorf 2011

Schickler Tagliapietra is proud to join LinQ boats at B57 in Hall 16 for the Boot D

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OpenFOAM developments

OpenFOAM is one of two CFD packages that are under consideration at ST for our internal CFD research and ultimately FSI solutions.

In the last months OpenFOAM has been implemented for both stationary and 2-6 DOF cases, generally involving free surface interaction. This implementation is part of ST’s ongoing commitment to be a simulation based practice employing the latest technologies for improved performance.

Here is one example showing a candidate catamaran hull tested at 15 knots. Data such as resistance and moments to maintain proper trim are compared between a number of candidates. With a simulation like this one, the effect of the transom immersion can be more accurately understood.

OpenFOAM simulation of catamaran hull

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34th America’s Cup Preparations

In mid September 2010, the protocol and draft design rule for the newest generation of America’s Cup racing yachts was revealed. To nobody’s surprise the match will be raced in large wing powered catamarans. Already during the course of the last match, ST began acquainting itself with the performance of wing rigs.

Preliminary CFD analysis of 2 element wing

ST has had tools for the generation and testing of curved, twisted and blended foil shapes for some time. New work for parametric and systematic generation of hull forms has been carried out. The control system of wings has been studied and the nascent class rule scoured for valid design directions. This will be the most demanding Cup cycle in recent memory, and ST is ready.

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